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Elevate your online presence with our SEO audit. Our analysis identifies strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. Receive actionable insights to enhance your strategy, outrank competitors, and drive organic traffic. Tailored to your unique business needs, our audit empowers growth.

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Reasons to get an SEO Audit?

Identify Areas for Improvement

An SEO audit reveals specific aspects of a website that can be optimized, from on-page elements to technical issues, helping to enhance overall performance.

Increase Organic Traffic

Optimizing for relevant keywords and improving site structure can lead to higher rankings, resulting in increased organic traffic from search engines.

Maximize Visibility

By addressing SEO weaknesses, a website can improve its visibility on search engines, reaching a larger and more targeted audience.

Enhance User Experience

SEO audits often highlight opportunities to improve the overall user experience, leading to increased user satisfaction and engagement.

Adapt to Algorithm Changes

Search engine algorithms evolve, and an SEO audit ensures that a website remains aligned with the latest best practices, adapting to any algorithmic changes.

Enhance Local Presence

Local businesses benefit from SEO audits to improve local search visibility, ensuring they are found by nearby customers searching for their products or services.

What's in the SEO Audit?

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Price: $499 incl GST

You will receive your SEO audit reports within 3 working days. We will look for the biggest issues plaguing your website and fixes that may produce the biggest impact when it comes to ranking your website at the top of the search results. 

Once completed you will receive:
  • Overview Report
  • Google Sheet checklist
  • Action  Plan

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List of items included in the SEO Action plan
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