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Dentist Gold Coast – Cost Per Click $7.13

If you own a dental practice on the Gold Coast and you’re paying $7.00+ for the keyword “Dentist Gold Coast” and you set your ad cost to get 400 clicks per month, that is equal to $3,124 per month!

If you choose to invest in SEO, after 6 months you should see a minimum of 500 website visitors per month! If a custom strategy is implemented properly it could be a lot more website visitors.

When SEO is done right, you won’t only rank for your goal keyword but many related keywords that could convert into paying customers.

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Calculating SEO VS Paid Ads

Purchasing Ads or SEO services should be based on your business goals. Knowing which keywords lead to conversions is the key to your success. Here’s a cost breakdown for each.

Paid Ads

The average cost per click(CPC) for local or broad keywords with commercial value is around $4 to $20 depending on the industry. If you were to pay $7.oo per click and you wanted at least 1000 website visitors each month you are looking at paying $7,000 per month and over 6 months this equates to $42,000.


Now let’s say you purchase an SEO plan like our Standard SEO Plan for $2,500 per month and after 6 months you start getting 1,000 website visitors per month. You would be looking at paying $15,000 and the traffic will continue to grow as time goes on.

That’s the beauty of SEO, if you continue investing, your traffic will continue to grow.

While we highly recommend investing in SEO, Paid ads are great for immediate traffic, branding, and lead generation. Setting a low daily budget is a good way to start generating traffic immediately.

Did you know that with paid ads the average conversion rate is 2.35%?

Let’s say you purchase 1000 website visitors and convert at 2.35%, will your sales cover the $7,000 ad cost? Your product or service cost will need to be at least $3700 to break even.

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Author: Michelle G

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